Monday, July 7, 2014

Reid's Room

Just like Everett's room Dustin and I knew that this next baby would have a room that he/she could grow in to. When we found out our second child was a boy we threw a couple ideas around as decor ideas. We considered a fishing theme room, a Route 66 room and eventually decided on a nautical themed room. Since it was a similar idea to Everett's room, an airplane room, we chose to take a different approach. We decided to keep it simple, clean and modern. This was also a benefit since Reid's room is a lot smaller than Everett's and there wasn't as much space to work with.

The final themed decision was to go with light gray walls with white, dark gray and red accents. We also chose to not go so over the top nautical but rather have it more of a simple theme to tie everything together. We didn't want the color choices or the theme to overpower the small room.

It turns out that the Summer is the perfect time to find nautical things. The only problem was that a lot of it is navy blue so the things we did find that worked we ended up painting to match the color scheme. The canvases over the crib were painted by Dustin using images we found online to use as outlines.

Friends of ours very kindly gave us a dresser they were no longer using. We found a lamp base which was wrapped with rope and Dustin painted it gray to match the room. We accompanied it with a sailboat we found on We love Target, this is where we found the rope lamp and the basket/shelf. The baskets were painted red and the letters are wooden letters from a craft store also painted. After all that our little man's room is officially done! I can't wait until he gets here. Seven and half weeks left!

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