Thursday, July 10, 2014

Highlight Reel

My original intent was to have two to three posts a week with one of the posts being a Highlight Reel post posted on Fridays. Somehow this got out of whack and I've been posting at least once with it normally being a Highlight Reel post posted whenever. I'm not sure how this happened but I'm rolling with it. So it's out with the routine and I'll post when I can. I'm not giving up on this blog because I enjoy it and already love looking back but I am no longer stressing about having a routine or system for it. I figure as long as there are new posts being added it's fulfilling it's purpose. If you've been following my blog that's whats up and how it's going down. So basically a whole lot of gravity defying going on around here. Or something like that. Anywho, moving on...


This little boy is so intrigued by the vacuum cleaner. He used to be scared of it but his curiosity got the best of him and he is determined to figure the thing out. Vacuuming is a chore in two ways now since he is always right behind me or right in front of me and sitting on the cord. Whether he is in his walker or crawling I can always count on him to be underfoot when the vacuum is out.

The reason for the vacuum cleaner is noted to the left of the coffee table. Little Man got a hold of some cheerios.

Speaking of cleaning, it requires major work to clean Everett up after meal times. This pretty much guarantees a bath every night but sometimes depending on what he eats for breakfast or lunch he needs more than just a washcloth. So the other day I popped him in the kitchen sink to hose him down and if you couldn't tell from the picture he loved it!

Normally not a fan of diaper only pictures but seriously, that grin!

And because this blog needs more proof of our messy little eater and I apparently am a fan of taking baby/food pictures... Here ya go!

"Wait until Mom gets to clean up this mess!"

Believe it or not but this picture was taken in our backyard.

Dustin and I have been hearing strange noises around here lately especially at night. One morning as Dustin was leaving for work he happened to notice a fox walk out of the brush in our backyard and sit on our patio. He wasn't there long quickly heading back from whence he came. Later that evening I happened to look out the back window and see two foxes at the edge of our yard. I was only able to capture one as by the time I grabbed the camera the second one had disappeared. It would seem as though we have foxes living on our turf but we haven't seen them since so we're not sure. We're thinking they are parent foxes, as they were both definitely adults, with a den in the shrubbery but we haven't spotted any baby foxes either. 


Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

Everett was laying here drinking his bottle and his little friend Alana grabbed her juice and joined him. So very sweet!


I know this looks scary but Everett loves it when Dustin flies him around. He is definitely all boy and loves any rough housing when his dad plays with him.

He was having a crazy hair day.

He also loves climbing over everything and everyone. He climbs up the back of the couch, up the church pew or tries. He climbs up me - apparently my baby bump makes for a great step stool. He's quite the little monkey!

This is his new favorite expression. He makes it all the time. His personality is really coming out and he's quite the character. He mimics laughter and is starting to copy words. To Dustin's excitement he repeated "Dad" for the first time, it was very cute! He is also getting better at pulling himself up on furniture the latest being his crib. It's really funny walking in to get him and seeing him standing there waiting for us to pull him out. The exception of course is at three in the morning - since he hasn't figured out how to get down he screams and cries until we get him. It's been fun. :-P

He's growing so much!

My two guys playing with their toys.


You might remember this post about getting ready for the new baby. This involved moving everything from his room to our family room. This stuff was then moved to the spare bedroom and the door was shut to prevent nightmares.  Here's a reminder.

Family Room before
Spare Bedroom before
We decided to attack the chaos again because with a new baby coming and myself feeling slightly, okay very overwhelmed my wonderful mother is coming to stay and help with the babies and keep me sane. Dustin's new job also requires some traveling and so between these two things we decided it was in our best interest to set the spare bedroom up for guests.We sorted through everything, stored the items we're keeping and set up piles for trash, selling and charity. We are pretty much done except for giving things away and listing items we plan on selling.

Family Room - In transition
The spare bedroom needs a few missing items but it's almost complete!

Spare Bedroom - In transition

In case you were wondering where Everett was in the midst of all this - he eventually ended up in his playpen. It kept him safe and sound though the joy felt on his being confined was felt more on our end than his!


We're entering the last few weeks before we are at the "any day now" stage of the pregnancy. We're ready for Reid to arrive and looking forward to putting the pregnancy chapter behind us and focusing on our boys!

He disappeared on me in his room the other day and this is where I found him - under his bed.

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