Monday, June 30, 2014

Everett's Room

In all the excitement of preparing Reid's room I realized that I never followed up this post about decorating Everett's room. Since his room will evolve and change as he grows I decided I better post the pictures now while it's still his baby room.
Being as he was the first we went all out on his room. I love his room mostly because it's a mixture of new and old things as well as sentimental and just for him items.We had decided on a vintage airplane theme for him. Dustin put up chair rail and then painted the bottom half with green stripes with a lighter green on top. We used navy blue and red as the accent colors and went with darker wood furniture. We knew we wanted the theme of his room to last for awhile, at least until he was old enough to decide what he wanted for himself.

We loved the idea of having a propeller for his room. After much searching Dustin found an affordable one on, of all places, Sear's website. It's a metal propeller purely for decoration but we loved it and it works. The pictures above the propeller were images found and printed off the internet on to scrapbook paper and then painstakingly cut out by Dustin.

There is a song by Mark Harris called Find Your Wings. I love, love, love this song! It makes me cry every time I hear it, the words are exactly what I think most parents feel about their children. It also so happened that the lyrics sort of went with the airplane theme. My talented mother made a wooden sign with the words for Everett's room. Seriously though, if you haven't heard it click the link. Just make sure you have a box of tissues nearby!

The rocking chair and dresser came from Dustin's parents and have been in their family for years. The dresser when we got it was painted black but Dustin was able to strip it down and stain it to match the room. The rocking chair, thankfully, was good as is except for few spots that required some touch-up. The wooden chest which is Everett's toy chest and the wooden red airplane were gifts from my parents. The wooden mirror was a wedding gift handmade by a friend at our church. My mom made the wooden blocks on the shelves, the airplane sign was a gifted find from another church friend and the metal airplanes and suitcases were gifts from my mother-in-law and another friend. Everything else was made or bought by Dustin and I. Again, ton of sentimentality in this room but I love it. It is very much how Dustin and I are and seemed a perfect fit for our first child. And I'd say Everett agrees. :)

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