Thursday, June 19, 2014

Father's Day 2014

Father's Day.  A day all about those special men in our lives. I realize more and more how fortunate Dustin and I are to have men in our lives who truly love and care for us. It's not always the case but for us it is and for that we are very thankful.

The first man in my life, of course was my dad. I'm blessed to be able to say that I had, and still have, a loving father who worked very, very hard to provide for his family. Sometimes this meant making sacrifices such as traveling for work, making long commutes back and forth and putting in crazy hours. Despite this he made sure he was there for my siblings and I. He supported us in everything we did and pushed us to be the best we could be. He made sure we had awesome opportunities like giving us our first jobs. This might seem like it meant we had an easy ride but he was a great father and boss by making sure we excelled as employees and individuals by instilling us a good work ethic. While he pushed us to strive and grow he also was very protective of us. I'll never forget when I went on a mission trip to Honduras and my dad flew with me there and flew to "pick me up" and take me home. Though an embarrassed seventeen year old at the time I now realize that he was just making sure his little girl was safe and okay. And it has always been that way, he set a great example for me as to the type of man I should look for to provide, protect and care for my own family. He's been the best dad and one of the very first to believe in me 150%. He never doubted my ability or talents but has always stood behind me and been my biggest cheerleader. I am very thankful for him!

The second man we honored this year and every year was my father-in-law. Seriously he is the best father-in-law there is. He has helped Dustin and I make many decisions in our life together and has offered his wisdom and life experience as a tool and guide when we weren't sure what to do. He is Dustin's best friend and his hero; he is also his confidant, the one Dustin goes to when he needs advice or someone to vent to when he is unsure what to do. He's quick to listen and is always present in the lives and going-on's of his family. From his grand children's little problems to his children's bigger ones, he offers a listening ear, great advice and loving support. We're very thankful for him!

Father's Day was rather low key this year. Like Mother's Day we make the celebration a weekend thing though this time we spent the Saturday before with Dustin's dad and Sunday we spent with mine. For both grandpas we gave them a glass jar filled with their favorite candy. On the front we traced Everett's hands, painted them in and wrote "Hands Down Best Papa" inside of them. We originally tried to do Everett's handprints but he was unsure of the paint and we ended up with blobs of paint. So we traced and painted. I know it's a little strange that they are both the best (they really are though!) but technically they have different names. Though they are spelled the same way they are pronounced differently. Dustin's dad is said like Paw-paw while my dad's name sounds like Puh-puh. A little confusing but it works!

Dustin's Father's Day was early because I'm impatient. He received his gifts on the Friday before. He got a huge bag of beef jerky from me and a daddy and me scrapbook from Everett though mommy did all of the work. :)

And of course I have to take a moment to talk about my favorite man of all. I could not ask for a better husband or father for my children. Dustin works so very hard for us and since the beginning of our marriage has always been willing to do whatever it takes to provide for us. He is not one to turn his nose up at a job or extra work but makes the most of the opportunities he is blessed with. Whether it is a side thing he enjoys, like graphic design or photography, or actual job opportunities that may not be as enjoyable but pay the bills, he does what he needs to do. He is very loving and supportive and is quick to make time for Everett and it's obvious that Everett knows this. Even at a young age, Everett lights up when his dad walks through the door because he knows his dad loves him. Not only am I incredibly happy and thankful for this man but I am so very proud of him and glad to call him mine! Every woman says this but my man really is the best. ;-)

I know I say this phrase often and have mentioned it at least twenty times just in this post but I am so very thankful for my wonderful father and father-in-law and my awesome husband. I am also thankful for my heavenly Father, the One who gives and shows the best example of all. The One who loves unconditionally, forgives willingly and provides for and protects all of His children. And I'm thankful that the three men mentioned here are all men who love the Lord, seek to follow after Him and make Him their example. In my humble opinion that is the secret to being a real man and all three of them are. They're the best!

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