Friday, June 6, 2014

Highlight Reel: Life Updates

After a busy few days last week this week we were able to slow down a little and catch up. Which meant laundry and cleaning for me, work and studying for Dustin and baby milestone reaching for Everett.

Here are some of the highlights.


I think I've mentioned before that when Dustin and I were dating we were one of those sappy couples who did cheesy things because, you know, we were so in love. One of those things was making a bear together at Build-A-Bear. Yeah, I know... Anyway, when we found out that we were expecting our first child we knew that the baby would inherit this bear. Thus, it only seemed appropriate that Chimichanga was passed on. When we found out we were expecting our second child it only seemed fair that he should have his own bear too. So Dustin, Everett and I went to Build-A-Bear and made him his very own. 

Reid's bear is on the left and Everett's is on the right. I tried to get Everett to pose with both but he was way too distracted by the tags on the bear. :)

So I had to pose him myself and then let him play with the tags again. 

Silly kid!


I have finally entered the home stretch of this pregnancy and am in the third trimester. Praise the Lord!!

I forgot how rough the end starts getting. Sleep is becoming more elusive as it is getting harder and harder to get comfortable. Having a baby who wasn't sleeping through the night, is currently teething and awake even more than normal isn't helping. Thankfully though, in the morning I can pop him in to bed with me and some toys, barricade him in with pillows and get a few extra moments of sleep. On the really rough days, I nap when he does. It's all just preparing me though, better get used to it! On a more positive note, I miraculously do not have Gestational Diabetes this pregnancy! I was sure I would but my numbers were good. No pricking my finger four times a day and trying to survive on low carb food. Thank the Lord! My platelet count is low again like it was with Everett. If it keeps dropping it could mean a possible induction at 39 weeks so we'll see how it goes. Right now I am doing my best to stay cool and out of the heat and get through these last few weeks one day at a time. Just twelve more weeks to go. Or maybe less!


And speaking of teething babies this little cutie pie is cutting his third tooth! It's on the bottom right next to the ones he is proudly showing off. It's just at the gum and ready to break through very soon. He does great during the day though at night he lets us know of his discomfort and is up more often than usual. I think it might be because we can keep him busy and distracted in the daytime but at night there isn't a whole lot going on. He is also congested and has a runny nose which he didn't have with the first two teeth. He's such a trooper though and for the most part is still happy and easy going. Poor guy, teething is no fun!


On the bright side we have a scooter! I mentioned at the end of this post (my video didn't work but it does now) that Everett was having meltdowns during tummy time. Maybe he knew I blogged about it and it motivated him but he is finally getting around. He's not crawling but can and does scoot himself across the floor.

We discovered last week that he loves balls so we got him one. Trying to chase this down has encouraged him as well as Dustin and I realizing that the kid does much better when we give him his space and let him figure it out on his own. If we crowd in too close he gets frustrated because he knows we can help him and won't. Sitting him down with some toys and walking away forces him to do what he needs to do. It was hard not helping him or picking him up when he got so upset but he does well on his own. I think an important parenting lesson to learn though so one much easier said than done!

Anyway, here's the little man in action!

You go baby! Give yourself a hand. :)

We're so excited that he is learning this. He is much happier though he still gets slightly overwhelmed with it. Usually it's just when he is tired, hungry or wants to be held which is understood. He still loves his walker though we've been trying to cut back on that to encourage him to keep trying to crawl. But he is doing well and we are in the midst of an ongoing baby proofing process around here. Who knew that babies were so curious? Ha!

Don't let that face fool ya, he's a little stinker. :)

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