Monday, August 25, 2014

Safari Celebration: Everett's 1st Birthday Party

Heads up, there a ton of pictures in this post. You have been warned.

The day of Everett's first birthday party finally arrived when we were able to celebrate this little man's big day!

We had a safari celebration in his honor and the house was decorated with animal print, twine, burlap, balloons and other safari animals. Animal print paper from Amazon helped create pretty much everything and balloons and items from Dollar Tree helped to complete the look.

Once our family and friends arrived the party began. We served the basic cook-out food of hamburgers and hot dogs, after everyone chowed down the real fun began. We tried to move things along quickly because by this point the kids were all starting to wind down and be done. This became very evident when we attempted a group shot of everyone. Twelve pictures were taken and not one came out with everyone looking! Regardless, we got some pretty hilarious shots.

After that failed attempt we moved on to gifts. With all those loved ones Everett had quite a few to open and we tried to move through them quickly as halfway through he was done with sitting still. He didn't quite understand how to open the presents so he needed some help but he did seem interested once the gifts were open. And all the kids got to try the new toys out!

"Hey, you like my toys?"

After presents we moved on to Everett's cake. He got a whole cupcake to eat and was in heaven. He was a little unsure of everyone singing Happy Birthday to him but was all about the cake when it was time to eat it!

Overall Everett had a great first birthday and we are grateful to those who came out for our little man's big day. We are blessed that he has so many wonderful people in his life who love him so very much. It was so very special to have them all together to celebrate his first year.

We love you little boy and are so glad you had a great day! Happy 1st Birthday!

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