Friday, February 28, 2014

Pippa's New Home

I had stated before that our very first baby, Pippa the cat, wasn't doing so well with adjusting and accepting her human brother. She would often run and hide whenever he would cry, which was often, and made it very clear by marking her territory that she was the one on top. Despite this it was very apparent that she felt slighted and unsure of her place in the family. You could usually find her hiding behind the TV cabinet but more often than not she would be lying in her laundry basket. That seemed to be the one place she felt was still hers.

Over time she did seem to do a little better and even would get a little close to Everett but only when he was with Dustin. For some reason, maybe because I always was with the baby and was unable to show her a lot of attention, she seemed to think me the bad guy. Overall though she stayed away and if the baby came near she was gone.

This was the closest she ever got.
We knew that as Everett grew and became more mobile the chances of them coming in contact were pretty great. Since she did not like being near him when he wasn't touching her we could only imagine how she would take it when he began crawling after her. So after a few months and her still not growing too fond of him we reluctantly started to discuss finding her a new home. Then in December we discovered we were expecting our second baby. Knowing that she wasn't so welcoming of Everett we knew that she would not take to another intruder. This sealed the deal for us and we decided to ask people we trusted if they would be willing to take her.

Enter our friends Scott and Sylvia. Scott and Sylvia are already the proud and loving cat parents to two boy kitties, Shiitake and Monty. They adore their "boys" and we knew that they would be equally wonderful to our Pippa. After much consideration on their part they kindly said they would take Pippa and see how she would do. Knowing how Pippa was at accepting change, which wasn't very well, we were all apprehensive at how the transition would go. Thankfully, she did wonderfully. She loves her new family and has become best pals with Monty.

We definitely miss her but it is a relief to know that she is in a place where she is so happy. She was pretty miserable here with us and having her live a life in a laundry basket and trying to avoid little children would have made her even more unhappy. We couldn't have asked for better parents for her, we know she is very loved and well taken care of in her new home. Plus, we can stop in and visit and are often given updates at how she is doing. Definitely an open adoption at its best!

You can follow Pippa and her new brothers on their mom's blog, Cats Included.

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