Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hello 2nd Tri, Goodbye 1st Tri!

I find this picture, courtesy of Pinterest, hilarious because it pretty much sums up my first trimester. Dustin has been all gung-go while I've been, well, all gung-heave. But anyway, by the time this post publishes I will be 14 weeks meaning I am officially in the second trimester according to all the doctors, pregnancy books and websites. I have heard everything from 12 weeks to 13 weeks, 3 days to 14 weeks. I'd say I'm official. As you've probably figured out my first trimester has consisted of morning sickness. My ideal evening the past few weeks has been spent lying on the couch on my left side (it helps with the nausea) and not moving. At all. There have been quite a few things that I did not know happened when you are pregnant. Simply put, your body just gets plain weird. But despite all of the morning sickness (which I am still dealing with, ugh!), fatigue and quite frankly, moodiness there have been a lot of highlights.

The highlights have been of course, finding out and realizing we were having a baby as it slowly sunk in. It was amazing seeing our cute little blob on the screen during an ultrasound at seven weeks. It was great fun to tell our families, we originally were going to wait to tell but decided we couldn't any longer and shared the news a few weeks later. And then great fun to tell our extended families and friends at twelve weeks. Best thing ever! But really there hasn't been anything much more amazing than hearing the baby's heartbeat for the first time at thirteen weeks. We didn't realize how anxious we were until after we heard that perfect sound. Knowing we made it through the first trimester with a healthy baby and a strong heartbeat was such a relief!

Now that we are in the second trimester there are a few things we are really looking forward to such as feeling the baby move. I am so looking forward to that feeling and the moment when Dustin can experience it too. We are also very excited and anxious for our ultrasound. We are looking forward to seeing the baby again, confirming that he/she is doing well and finding out if we are having a son or a daughter! While there definitely is excitement in choosing to wait and find out at birth we have decided we'd rather know sooner. We are very excited and are ready to start decorating the baby's room and purchasing the things we need. We'd rather know if we are preparing for a girl or a boy. We do have names, a boy name and a girl name we both actually agree on which was no easy feat! Let's just say I turned down Dustin's names, Cornelius and Pilate and he turned down mine, Oliver and Edison. At this time though, we have decided to keep something a surprise and wait to share the final decision until after our baby has arrived. And the last thing, I am starting to show! It's not too obvious to anyone else yet but Dustin and I have noticed a little baby bump is starting to grow. It'll be interesting to see how big it gets, haha.

I'd just like to end this post by saying that Dustin has been the perfect father-to-be. He is so very excited and is daily looking up how our baby is growing and what it would look like on an ultrasound picture. He even has an app on his phone that changes each week showing what size the baby is and what is changing. So far, he has been at every doctor's appointment and plans on being to every one if possible. And he has certainly been an amazing husband!  He has been very understanding and patient with me despite the laundry and dirty dishes that pile up, my food aversions which limit our menu and my fatigue and moodiness which doesn't make me that much fun. I'm not sure how he does it but one thing I do know, I'm so thankful for him and know he is going to be such a wonderful dad to our children.


  1. Yes, he will...and you're going to be a fantastic mom. :)

  2. I just found out from Grandma! I am so happy for y'all!

    Some tried and true morning sickness calmer are frozen white grapes. Candied Ginger, and of course real, hot, not cold, ginger ale. I found these when we were trying to have a baby. Obviously, it never happened, but I had really bad Migraines for a few years. I tried these for the nausea.....it works! A pregnant friend tried them and they helped her. We try to keep Ginger in the house at all times, as it helps to calm a cough and sore throat. The grapes cool you instantly as well. They must stay frozen. Something is released that helps with the nausea.

    I'll keep you in my prayers.

  3. Thanks Brittany. :)

    Thank you! Thankfully, now as long as I keep eating, the nausea has gone away. :)



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