Monday, March 4, 2013

"Here, check this out"

I had suspected that I might pregnant. Well, actually the correct statement would be I was really hoping I was pregnant. It was that hope and the feeling of “I just can’t wait anymore” that caused me to drive during crazy, snowy weather to get a pregnancy test. It was a Wednesday and the day after Christmas; I had sternly told myself that I was waiting to test until the weekend but I’ve never been very good at listening to myself. And as soon as my clock changed to 12:00 PM and my lunch hour had arrived I dashed out my car for a trip to CVS.

 My car drives horribly in the snow and it took most of my lunch hour to drive to the pharmacy, purchase the tests and get back to work. So it was in the office where I watched the second line on the pregnancy test slowly appear and I learned I was going to be a mom. I didn’t quite believe it but the proof was right in front of me. Because of the weather the office was closed early and I went home. I kept the test nearby constantly looking at it to make sure the line was still there. I debated calling or texting Dustin to tell him the big news but shrugged the idea off.  I wanted to tell him in person and be able to see his face when he learned we were going to have a baby.  It took Dustin an extra forty minutes to get home and it was the longest hour ever, partly because I was anxious about him getting home okay and partly because I couldn’t wait to tell him. During the time before his arrival I had taken another test, just to make sure, and tried to come up with a creative way to tell him about the baby. In the end I decided I would just tell him. He finally arrived home safely; when he got there I pulled out the two tests and handed them to him. “Here check this out” I said. He took the tests and looked at them. “What does this mean?” he asked. I showed him the pictures where it showed what one line meant and what two lines meant. He studied it for a while, looked at me, looked at the tests, and looked at me. Finally he asked “does this mean we’re pregnant?” Laughing, I told him it did. “Oh my goodness!” he said. The next twenty minutes we spent laughing and hugging. We were going to have baby!

Two days and two more tests later I scheduled our first appointment. We met with the nurse who told us there really was no reason to have an ultrasound as everything sounded great and this was just a preliminary appointment. Something must have made her change her mind though because later she told us after we were done with my blood work to see her for an ultrasound. Excitedly we went into the room to see our baby. The baby was nothing but a small, flickering blob but the most beautiful little blob we had ever seen.  That was our baby we were seeing and yet at the same time it was hard to believe that the little life on the screen belonged to us. The doctor told us everything looked great, the baby was measuring where it was supposed to and had a nice, strong heartbeat. It was such a relief to see the baby and know that everything was okay. The next big milestone, hearing the heartbeat!

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