Friday, March 1, 2013

Here We Go!

I know this is not related but every post needs a picture.
It’s the umpteenth time I have started a blog. I’m not even joking. There have been blogs for devotions, musings and just plain venting. There have been blogs for family, church and friends. Each one has been created, designed and slowly published posts appeared only for each one to be deleted in a fit of discouragement. But this time I think I hope it will be different. This time a blog is being created not for silly or vain reasons but it has been created for my family; my husband, our baby and any other members that become a part of our little unit. It’s a place to record memories, a place to journal the little things I don’t want us to forget and a place to plan our future dreams and goals. I am so excited to begin this blog, to create this scrapbook for our life as a family!

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