Monday, March 9, 2015

Insta Post: Friends & The Family Fun Flop

Recently Dustin and I had a chance to go to Skyzone, an indoor trampoline place, with some friends. It was nice to get out and have fun sans kids and do something cool with cool people. I was dared to try a front flip into the foam pit and after an almost full hour of chickening out I finally did only to realize it was so much more fun than I thought it would be! Afterwards we grabbed some frozen yogurt before our freedom, I mean, night out ended. ;)


Meanwhile the boys were having fun at Mimi & Papa’s house.

photo 2

And it was here where for the first time Reid went on all fours. For a little while now, while sitting he has been reaching forward like he was going to go into crawl position but hadn’t done it. And though we were bummed we missed it we were glad that they were able to get a picture. Since then Reid has done it one other time, both times he has not known what to do but he will get there soon enough! Though we don’t want to rush it we are looking forward to when he can get around, we remember Everett being much happier once he was mobile and we know Reid will be the same. Plus the boys will be able interact a little more and that will be fun though crazy.

photo 1
Reid is turning into quite the little momma’s boy. He now reaches for me and most of the time, if I am in the same room his little eyes follow me around. If he wants me to hold him he’ll reach out and make an “uh” sound over and over until I take him and if I walk out of his eyesight he has a complete meltdown. Of course I think it’s cute and a large portion of me loves it but it can be exhausting and I often feel torn when I am on my own and both boys want me. Most of the time I am trying to manage both of them at the same time. I just have to remind myself one day I’m going to miss this!


Lately Reid has been waking around seven in the morning and while that’s not too early it’s earlier than I want to get up especially when his brother most likely won’t wake up for another hour. So, at six months old Reid has been able to “play” on my iPad.

Desperate times call for desperate measures and this little stinker loves it. Well, for five minutes and then I have to get up because he is ready to get his day started!


The other night at church Reid had a blow out and I, like most second time moms I think, had not packed a second change of clothes. So this little guy wore his diaper, a pair of socks and a blanket for the remainder of church.


He didn’t seem to mind!


I’ve mentioned before that Everett has a new friend who takes him up to play the drums after every service he is there. Everett loves him and has learned that once church is over he will get to do his most favorite thing in the world. And every service when my father-in-law closes the service with prayer and says we are dismissed Everett’s head pops up, he looks straight at the drums, points and says “oh, oh!” He knows it’s drum time!


He is also getting to the age where he is recognizing people he doesn’t see as often. For a while now he has known who is his family but now he is starting to create friendships with old and young alike. He recognizes his little friends and the various people who talk to him at church. There is an older couple in our church, Lester and Judy, who often help me when Dustin and I have to be at church early. We usually have to be there early so Dustin can practice with someone so Lester and Judy will usually take one or both of the boys to help me out. They are a huge help and blessing to me! Everett loves them both and when we saw them the other day and they reached for him, he leaned his head forward and touched their heads with a big grin. I love that he is creating relationships with people of all ages.

Recently we had lunch with friends and ran into a favorite of all kids in our church. She is Nanny Heller and she comes with a purse stocked with little toys and candy. And so we were excited to see her and be out with friends!

Being with friends is also fun, especially when your dad takes you both for a ride on your toy airplane!


But after playing drums, the most fun thing your dad does is allow you to play on the piano with him. Everett loves this!


And this time Reid joined in the fun as well. It was cute to see him banging on the keys along with Everett. We just might have a brother band in our home one day.


Lately I’ve been trying to keep an eye out for activities we can do as a family. With a one year old and a six month old it is hard to find things that they would be able to enjoy at this age and that is after finding something that is even open to their age group. Most events are for ages three and older so we often find we are limited. So when I learned about a pet expo taking place locally I was very excited about it. It was advertised that there would be a pet talent show, Olympic dog games and a reptile exhibit. Knowing how excited Everett got when he saw animals we thought this would be perfect and on that particular Saturday we forgo nap time and headed over. However, we ended up missing most of the talent show which only had six entries, the Olympic games weren’t really happening and the reptile exhibit was a tiny trailer that held three people at a time. To say we were bummed is an understatement but Everett did seem to enjoy seeing the dogs evident by his little barking noises he made.


Besides seeing a couple docks jump into a big pool of water which we were more interested in than Everett was, the only real event was a guy with a bunch of parrots. They were very colorful but very loud and Everett and Reid were constantly jumping in our arms every time they heard a loud squawk which was often. So though they were intrigued they were more unsure than enjoying it.


And so $28 dollars and forty-five minutes later we decided to leave and head home. Judging by the “excitement” the boys expressed on the ride home we decided, though it was somewhat fun, we would have been better off staying home and giving the boys their nap.

IMG_1052 IMG_1053

Oh well, better luck next time!

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