Monday, March 2, 2015

Insta Post: Cabela’s

Recently Dustin took the day off and in pursuit of wanting something fun and different to do we found ourselves on the way to Cabela’s. It’s a retail store that sells hunting, fishing and camping supplies and other items along that line. It doesn’t sound very entertaining but they have large displays of animals and an aquarium which is fun for the kids.

Evertt & Reid

From the moment we walked in and Everett saw the animals all he could say was “ooh, ooh”. He was fascinated by them all.

Everett Dustin & Everett
Reid was entertained as well and his big, little eyes couldn’t seem to take it all in fast enough. And yes, I said big little eyes. If you know Reid at all you’d understand.

Everett & Reid

After sitting for an hour in the car and then sitting in the stroller Everett started to get restless so we let him out so he could walk. This led to Dustin and I’s first “I thought you had him” conversation but oddly enough it had to do with Reid who was still in the stroller. I was walking around with Everett who was on the move and Dustin was checking out some things. He caught up with us when he was done and we both realized neither of us had the stroller. Poor little Reid was just sitting across the room by himself! And if that wasn’t eventful enough for him Everett realized he could help push the stroller.

Dustin & Everett

Once he did he was off!


Everett is also discovering he can help in other ways. He watched Dustin shovel the snow the other day and wanted to do it. I think the allure of another stick was what really held the appeal.

Dustin & Everett

One day he’ll be able to shovel the snow for real though he might not find it as appealing then.

Dustin & Everett

He still loves the drums and his new friend Eddie still takes him up to play whenever he is there. A definite highlight for Everett and when people are practicing he likes to sit on the steps and watch. He tries to make his way up on the platform too but the rule is he can only go when someone goes up with him and so he was ecstatic when his dad took him up for another go.

Dustin & Everett

Everett always makes us laugh with the little things he does. One of my favorite things is when he walks around with his hands behind his back but he topped that off when while laying on our bed he stuck his hand behind his head. He was very excited when I laid Reid on top of him and he was very loving and sweet. Unfortunately Reid wasn’t thrilled in that moment and though you can’t tell, he was in tears. It was sweet while it lasted!

Everett & Reid

Everett did it again with Dustin on the couch. Dustin was lying down and Everett wanted up, once up he stuck his little hand under Dustin’s neck and propped up his little head with his hand.

Dustin & Everett

Another favorite thing is when Everett sits next to one of us on the couch and sticks his little hand behind our back and keeps his arm around us.

Everett & Reid
He is a little snuggler when he wants to be which is why these little outfits bought for them by Mimi are my new favorites. They are very warm and snuggle worthy jumpsuits which sport the oh so popular mustache. And I must say the boys wear them very well!

Everett & Reid

And just because I love my guys, another picture of them. Dustin was holding Reid and Everett wanted to be held too. They all looked so cute that I just had to take a picture.

Dustin, Everett & Reid

What can I say, I love my men!

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