Friday, January 15, 2016

Wrapping Up 2015

If my end goal for 2015 was to break my record for longest time away from blog updating I think I've done it. My last entry was for the boy's 1st and 2nd birthday party in August. But in my defense it is almost as those birthdays changed our life. It seemed the boys woke up, looked me in the eyes and said "you think this last year was busy? You've seen nothing yet Mom!" And I've been doing my best to keep up with our busy, running, exploring, climbing, learning, jumping, adventurous toddler boys. You may think I've just used way too many adjectives but if you've met my boys, you know they are all accurate!

At some point along the way, we realized things were getting easier though now really analyzing it, I wouldn't say it gets easier as much as the boys are now old enough where the constant changing is slowing down and we are able to keep a routine. The first year was all about keeping up with the flow of things, this year we've learned a little better how to go with the flow. Dustin is more settled in his job, the boys are more settled into a routine that works for us, and I'm a little more settled as well. And now that Everett is about two and half, Dustin and I can see that stages don't last forever and we can ease up on stressing. Well, try to anyway. We don't always do well in this department. There still are meltdown moments and let's face it, trying to always stay one step ahead of my very busy and curious little men is insane! But it's fun and I wouldn't want it any other way.

The last six months we've been busy and the boys have been nonstop growing physically, verbally and emotionally. The boys have been busy making messes.

Including on each other - like when Everett painted Reid's face with spaghetti sauce.

And Everett somehow shampooed the back of his head with ketchup.

But they also "help" to clean.

And when they aren't doing those things, they are busy wrestling,

making noise, their favorite noise still being drum playing,

We've had meltdown moments,

but we've also had lots of sweet, loving moments as well.

We've spent lots of time with family, cousin time is always a favorite time for both Everett and Reid.

We were also able to spend quite a bit of time with my Grandparents who visited quite a few times and stayed with us. The boys enjoyed it and so did I!

We attended the wedding of my younger brother Micah and his bride Ashely.

And Everett was the cutest little ring bearer. He is shy so he didn't want to walk down but he was perfectly okay with being carried down by my brother Matthew and he did so well!

We did well at all of our check-ups proving that the boys are perfect, healthy and growing stronger each day.

We've celebrated the holidays. First up, trick or treating. A first for both of the boys as last year Dustin was out of town and Reid was just a few months old. Dustin, who is quite talented made the boys' costumes. Reid went as a very spunky little Peter Pan and Everett was a very unhappy Captain Hook. Little man was not a fan of his costume and a drawn on mustache put him over the edge.

That is until we met up with his friends and he realized that receiving candy in his bucket was involved. Then he was all about it. Both of them were excited when they realized that random people were willingly giving them all sorts of candy. Even Reid, as little as he was, caught on quick and was holding very tightly to his bucket. You couldn't pry it from his cute little fingers!

We ended the night with a final stop at Mimi and Papa's house. Trick or treat was a success. 

Christmas was a low-key but busy affair. The boys were spoiled rotten by our many family and friends. From us, our preacher men were gifted with their very own platform and microphones.

And of course we visited Santa.

This did not go well, neither of the boys were impressed to say the least.

The past few months Dustin has still been busy traveling. The longest trip being to Oklahoma where he was gone for three weeks.

While he is busy working the boys and I do our best to keep busy to make the time go by fast. We've been blessed with some awesome friends who are big supports. Kristie, Cora and Declan, who also have a traveling husband and daddy, are wonderful friends of ours and we appreciate them so very much.

We love hanging out with them and our regular playdates are something we all look forward too!

But as awesome as they are, and they are awesome, there is nothing we look forward to more than when Dustin comes home.

Bringing home our husband and dad will always be our favorite thing. The four of us together is exactly how we like it to be.

So quickly summed up, you can see we've been busy! Busy but happy, 2015 was a crazy year in many aspects but God has been so good to us. The many things that stressed us out at the end of 2014 and most of 2015 have all worked out. It's true when the scripture says "young but now I am old, never have I seen the righteous forsaken or his seed begging for bread." That was the scripture that I clung to in 2015 and I can say that God has held to that promise. He has not forsaken us and every need we've had has always been met. He is faithful!

So going forward I can't promise anything. Actually, I won't promise anything, but I plan to do better blogging in the future. Way too many things have occurred that I know I have already forgotten and I don't want to miss anything else. So in the few moments where I have time to stop and breathe, I'll try to squeeze out a blog post or two. Here's to hoping anyway! Regardless, we're looking forward to what's ahead in 2016!

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