Saturday, April 4, 2015

Eggs & Bunnies

Easter weekend started out with an egg hunt at Hollabaugh Brothers apple orchard. Before the egg hunt started we had a chance to meet the Easter bunny. Everett was very unsure of him and as expected would only go near if his Dad held him and even then he still wasn’t much of a fan! Can’t really blame him though, those huge ears are a little strange.

Dustin & Everett

So with Dustin and I included we were able to get a picture of the boys with Mr. Bunny.

Karissa, Reid, Dustin & Everett

A few minutes later the egg hunt began. Everett was with his cousins, Dallas and Sadie and his friend Alana, but due to the egg hunts being separated by age we were separated as well.


If he was disappointed by this he soon got over it once he was able to go for the eggs. At last year’s egg hunt he was only eight months old and he slept through the entire thing so this was really his first egg hunt. His first reaction was to grab an egg and throw it. According to him they were colorful balls just ready to play with!

Dustin & Everett

It took a little bit but he caught on that the eggs were to go in his bucket and were for him to take home. Once he realized this he kept with it but I think he enjoyed throwing them more!


Since Reid was only seven months old he didn’t participate in hunting eggs this year but he seemed to enjoy watching the other kids and he also seemed to like the real bunnies they had there.


Everett enjoyed petting them too and wanted to keep going out in the area where they were kept so he could check them out.

Dustin & Everett

The only time he was unsure was when this big bunny hopped up when he was petting him. This furry guy wasn’t his favorite.

Everett & Dustin

Overall, it was a beautiful day for an egg hunt and Everett seemed to enjoy one of the pure fun traditions of Easter. We’re looking forward to continuing this tradition as the boys grow!


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